Videos with Simplified Chinese captions

Adventurous play (Simplified Chinese captions)

Active engaged ECEs support adventurous play for infants and preschoolers.

Indoor obstacle course (Simplified Chinese captions)

Children work through an obstacle course based on a story they have read.

Loose parts play outdoors (Simplified Chinese captions)

Examples of outdoor loose parts play and the roles ECEs take during this play.

Mud kitchen (Simplified Chinese captions)

Dirt and water encourage imagination, social play, and problem solving.

Nature play in urban spaces (Simplified Chinese captions)

Play in natural places benefits everyone, especially ECEs!

Pop up playground (Simplified Chinese captions)

No fixed play structures; instead, loose parts, creativity, and fun.

Locomotion and agility (Simplified Chinese captions)

Help support self-regulation in small spaces using simple equipment.

Infant’s first movements (Simplified Chinese captions)

Songs, rhymes, and simple toys encourage infants’ first movements.

Object manipulation (Simplified Chinese captions)

Throwing, catching, rolling, striking, and kicking indoors.

Object manipulation – ball play (Simplified Chinese captions)

Develop ball skills indoors with infants and toddlers.

Balance and stability (Simplified Chinese captions)

Develop a crucial fundamental movement skill starting with infants.

Northern Indigenous games (Simplified Chinese captions)

Promote the health of body, mind, heart, and spirit through traditional games.

Outdoor play in winter (Simplified Chinese captions)

Structured and unstructured activities keep children and ECEs moving and warm.

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Simplified Chinese posters

Spread the word about active play! We’ve created these posters for you to print and share.

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